A Tiling Window Manger

Ahoy! At the recommendation of one of my friends, I've recently begun using a tiling window manger. Although he recommended xmonad, I decided to instead to go with a different project, qtile. I got myself a github account, since that is the primary avenue for qtile development. This means you can run the same WM code as I do :-). (I also posted the code for the framework that powers this blog, something I've been meaning to do for a while but have not gotten around to.)

I wrote a widget for displaying the currently playing track from your favorite player which implements MPRIS, and I would be interested in any feedback other qtile users have, so feel free to send me or qtile-dev e-mail if you play with it! The widget can be found in both my fork of qtile and in the main fork. It depends on python-dbus, things like Ubuntu's update-manager do too, so it's probably installed for most users. To use it, you can simply put


in your qtile config.py. objname should be whatever the name of your MPRIS player is. You can figure out what this is by running dbus-notify and starting your player, and see what name it requests when it issues RequestName. For example, Clementine's is org.mpris.clementine (and is also the default).

Happy hacking!