Primus sucks!

Last night I went to my first (but hopefully not last!) Primus show. The show itself was fantastic, Les Claypool is a fantastically weird and equally awesome bassist. I learned that Les is writing a new album with Primus to be released in 2011, which is awesome (there's a Meshuggah album due out then too, it's going to be a great year for music).

For those who are curious about the title: Primus' slogan is "Primus Sucks". It came to be when everyone kept commenting on how incredibly talented Les (and indeed, all the band members were): "hey, you're really good!". Eventually, Les started responding with "No, we suck", and their slogan was born. So, if you're a true Primus fan, you say "Hey man, Primus sucks!". It was chanted during the encore at the show last night.

Anyway, I get to cross another band off of my list. Woohoo!