Photos from my Colorado adventure

Hello! I just completed another successful two and a half weeks touring the Colorado mountains. Although the snow was not great (Winter Park only has around a 15 inch base, and over half the mountain was closed), I still had a good time! Rather than do a lot of aggressive skiing (the conditions would have made aggressive skiing fairly dangerous), I tried a bunch of new things instead! The most interesting new thing was probably the ski bike, and I am now a licensed snow cyclist! My dad and I both took lots of pictures, and he's posted both the ones from his camera and my camera on his web page.

I did three summits during the trip, two of Mt. Charles which is roughly 12,050 feet, and one of Mt. Prospect which is roughly 11,700 feet. I took a panorama (which I've yet to stitch together) of the view on Mt. Prospect, and my dad took one of Mt. Charles, so eventually when we get those stitched together, I'll post them as well. Anyway, if you're heading out west, here's to hoping you have more snow than we did! Even though the backcountry was bare in spots, we still had a lot of fun goofing around (you might notice some defilement of a USGS marker in the photos ;-).